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Return the Favor

December 26, 2018
Return the Favor
Two young men were working their way through Leland Stanford University when their funds got desperately low. They decided to organize a piano recital with Ignazy Paderewski and devote the profits to their board and tuition. The pianist’s manager asked for a guarantee of $2000 dollars. They worked hard, but only raised $1600. After the concert, the students told Paderewski of their efforts and results and gave him the entire $1600 dollars, and a promissory note for $400....This Moment in Time is brought to you by Springhill Curry Construction.

Points in Favor

September 7, 2017
Points in Favor
In the late 1800’s, an employee of the Standard Oil company made a poor business decision costing the company $2 million dollars. Edward Bedford, one of the company's high ranking executives, went to see Rockefeller, the head of Standard Oil, to discuss the loss in person... A Moment in Time brought to you by the D.C. Curry Lumber Company
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