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Always Ready

May 3, 2018
Always Ready
The courage of Civil War General Stonewall Jackson in the midst of conflict can be a lesson for everyone. Historian Mark Brinsley wrote, “A battlefield is a deadly place, even for generals; and it would be naive to suppose Jackson never felt the fear of all beings exposed to wounds and death. But invariably he displayed extraordinary calm under fire... A Moment in Time brought to you by Springhill-Curry Construction

Nearly Always Right

October 17, 2017
Nearly Always Right
President Abraham Lincoln once got caught up in a situation where he wanted to please a politician, so he issued a command to transfer certain regiments. When the secretary of war, Edwin Stanton, received the order, he refused to carry it out. He said that the President was a fool. Lincoln was told what Stanton had said, and he replied... A Moment in Time brought to you by the D.C.Curry Lumber Company
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