Snow is coming. Don't get caught unprotected.

October 26, 2015

Snow is coming.  Don't get caught unprotected.

Curry Lumber stocks SnoBar and Sno block

Now is a good time to consider metal roof protection.

Every year death and injuries as well as property damage occurs from falling heavy snow and ice buildup.

Snow retention guards prevent or minimizes damage to the roof, gutters, landscaping, walkways, mechanical equipment, vent stacks and pedestrian traffic.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing Snow protection for your metal roof; Safety, Budget, Aesthetics

The snow guard’s primary function is safety. Snow guards are designed to limit the movement of snow and ice on your roof. When snow and ice start sliding it is very hard to stop

 The best snow retention systems clamp to the vertical seams of the roof.  Clamps should attach under the “hem” of the seam.  And it is important to use an “engineered” layout to protect the roof system.  An engineered snow retention plan includes: Snow load for the location, Roof Slope, Rib type, Rib spacing, how the panel is attached to the structure, and the distance from the Eve to ridge.

   For all of your metal roof needs be sure to contact Curry Lumber’s knowledgeable staff at 330 264-5223. 

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